Capterra Capital manages a diverse set of assets to ensure broad exposure and world-class risk management. Below is a general overview of our current portfolio.

All Fund Investments

  Name Type Sector Website
Avalanche Avalanche Digital Asset Infrastructure Website
Axie Infinity Axie Infinity Digital Asset Gaming Website
Bitcoin Bitcoin Digital Asset DeFi Website
Cardano Cardano Digital Asset DeFi Website
Cosmos Cosmos Hub Digital Asset Infrastructure Website
Ethereum Ethereum Digital Asset DeFi Website
Evmos Evmos Digital Asset Infrastructure Website
Fantom Fantom Digital Asset Infrastructure Website
Ripple Ripple Digital Asset DeFi Website
Polkadot Polkadot Digital Asset DeFi Website
SCRT Secret Network Digital Asset Infrastructure Website
Shade Protocol Shade Protocol Digital Asset DeFi Website
UTK UTK Digital Asset DeFi Website
The Graph The Graph Digital Asset Oracles Website
Chainlink Chainlink Digital Asset Oracles Website
Juno Juno Digital Asset Infrastructure Website
Mina Protocol Mina Protocol Digital Asset DeFi Website
Umee Umee Digital Asset DeFi Website
Nexo Nexo Digital Asset DeFi Website
Polygon Matic Polygon Digital Asset Infrastructure Website
Osmosis Osmosis Digital Asset DeFi Website
Celestia Celestia Digital Asset Infrastructure Website
Apple Apple Equity Technology Website
Tesla Tesla Equity Energy Website
Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson Equity Pharmaceutics Website
No Hopeless by Yoshitomo Nara
No Hopeless Art Yoshitomo Nara Website
Agency Job by Banksy
Agency Job Art Banksy Website
Untitled 2001 by Albert Oehlen
Untitled Art Albert Oehlen Website
Chisuisei Tsuhien by Kazuo Shiraga
Chisuisei Tsuhien Art Kazuo Shiraga Website

Notice: We do not actively endorse any of the assets listed above. Always do your own research when using financial services and when investing in general.